Laurastar range now available from Richard Jay

Laurastar ironers are the perfect addition for Launderettes or customers with a limited space and the need to integrate a small scale ironing facility. Richard Jay now have available a range of Laurastar Ironing Systems, including the Laurastar Pulse, S6a and S4a. You can view all of these products here, and below is an interactive area showing what makes Laurastar great.

New Kleaner laundry liquid packets

Kleaner’s new and improved liquid detergent individual use packets are available from Richard Jay’s. 

Suitable for laundry detergent single packet dispensers or counter sales, the liquid detergent is perfect for front and top load washing machines. Kleaner detergent packets are perfect for laundrettes, and all communal share laundries.

Automatic Savings Exclusive to Richard Jay

The reality of today's budy laundry department is some loads need to be washed below full machine capacity. This 'underloading'  may be required to maintain wash schedules or where some materials need to be separated form the main wash load.

Orange Sky Laundry Founders TED Talk

The 2011 Census revealed that in Australia 105,000 people are homeless. This translates to 1 in 200 Australians, 56% of whom are male.

Orange Sky Laundry, a free mobile laundry service for the homeless, were established in late 2014 and aim to:

Maytag Commercial Laundry announces Whirlpool Corporation enters into Agreement to acquire American Dryer Corporation

Whirlpool Corporation has entered into an agreement to acquire American Dryer Corporation (ADC), a company that manufactures and markets coin-operated, on-premise, industrial and specialty laundry equipment.

NEW exclusive platinum washers and dryers from LG Commercial

Announcing the addition of the NEW PLATINUM finish washers & dryers to our LG Commercial range of laundry machinery. Exclusively available Australia wide from Richard Jay Pty Ltd

Maytag Commercial national Richard Jay training workshops a success

Across March and April, Maytag Commercial visited Richard Jay staff and invited RJ Service Technicians for a national training workshop.

We were pleased to host our American partners - Bobby Drummond, Global Commercial Service Manager, Maytag Commercial and Ted Battistone, International Senior Sales Manager, Maytag Commercial at our Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney warehouses.

Electrolux Range Available Australia Wide

Excellent solutions that meets your needs.

Electrolux range boasts intelligent features and unique extras, excellent solutions offering the utmost quality combined with the lowest utility costs for laundries of all sizes. Electrolux Professional laundry range is the perfect match with Richard Jay's range and service offerings.

Electrolux Professional training sessions in Brisbane

This week has seen training sessions in Brisbane for the Richard Jay staff and service agents on the new Electrolux Professional range of laundry equipment now available from Richard Jay. The training sessions have been going well, and all staff have been gaining a lot of knowledge on these great products.


Richard Jay Company Conference 2015

Richard Jay's all staff Company Conference for 2015 was held from the 3rd to the 6th of February in Adelaide, with staff being flown in from all over Australia to attend. Each day of the conference was packed with training and information for all of the Richard Jay staff, and included presentations from visiting suppliers, including Maytag Commercial, Electrolux Professional and LG Commercial.

Richard Jay would like to thank all those who attended the conference, and all special guests that gave presentations to the Richard Jay staff,