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Maytag Top Load Washer MVW18PD


The MVW18PD Top Load Washer from Maytag is the most energy and water efficient top load washer available, with brand new technology to save you time and money. Maytag brand offers a complete line of high-efficiency commercial laundry appliances—from energy-efficient dryers to highly efficient ENERGY STAR®-qualified washers—to help you save money and build profits.

The high efficiency wash technology in this machine uses less water than traditional washers along with a concentrated wash action to help conserve resources and improve results.

Get the best clean with the Maytag MVW18 top-load washer and download our instruction sheet here.

In the short video below we show the advantages and how to use this machine:

American Pride Maytag MVW18


The MVW18 washer has the 'American Pride' claim - this product is designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A. 



  • 8kg Capacity
  • High speed spin of 144 G-force to help reduce drying time
  • Most energy and water efficient commercial top loader
  • High Efficiency washer is using between 45 and 65 litres of water while traditional washers use 170 litres

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