GMP Chest Ironer E160.30


Bigger contact surface compared to E.25, matched with a 1.6 meters usable width, make E160.30 an excellent choice for catering table clothes, especially when fitted with TENAX option: it delivers a perfect ironing finish. This ironer is suitable to iron linen up to 3.2 meters width.
The GMP E.30 ironer line can process linen after a pre-drying phase, using an ideal residual moisture of 25%. Strong and reliable, they feature oversized components which make them perfect also for working on 2 shifts.
A perfect choice for all the laundries where constant productivity and low maintenance costs are required.
TENAX: investing on the roller padding
  • TENAX lasts for the entire life of the ironer
  • Eliminates concerns about roller shrinking , wrinkles, insufficient drying and service cost
  • Increases production capacity
And more,,, [see full TENAX info in brochure page3]


  • Fast and Easy Reconditioning
  • Painted Feeding Basin
  • Practical Food Pedal
  • Double Temperature Sensors
  • User friendly control panel
  • Aluminium Feeding Table

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