GMP Chest Ironer E140.30


The GMP E140.30 Chest Ironer is a perfect choice for the gastronomy sector: the big contact surface delivers a perfect finish on the table clothes, which should however never exceed 2.8 maximum width. Variable speed allows adjusting the ironing parameters to perfectly match with the linen processed, while steam extraction system contributes to optimum performance and to extend lifespan of the steelwool roller cover extracting humidity from the internal layers.
The GMP E.30 ironer line can process linen after a pre-drying phase, using an ideal residual moisture of 25%. Strong and reliable, they feature oversized components which make them perfect also for working on 2 shifts.

A perfect choice for all the laundries where constant productivity and low maintenance costs are required.
TENAX: investing on the roller padding
  • TENAX lasts for the entire life of the ironer
  • Eliminates concerns about roller shrinking , wrinkles, insufficient drying and service cost
  • Increases production capacity
And more,,, [see full TENAX info in brochure page3]


  • Fast and Easy Reconditioning
  • Double Temperature Sensor
  • Painted Feeding Basin
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • Practical Foot Pedal
  • Aluminium Feeding Table

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