GMP Chest Ironer E100.25


The GMP Chest Ironer E100.25 is suitable to iron linen not exceeding 2 meters width, so that once introduced you have maximum 2 layers. This will allow obtaining the very best ironing result.
The GMP E.25 is an ironer line dedicated to the smallest laundry activities, processing limited linen quantities per day or per week, ideally not more than 35 kg/h.
Freely adjustable ironing speed allows setting the ideal parameters for a wide variety of fabrics and humidity grades.
Ideal humidity for the operation varies between 15 and 20%, so a pre-drying phase in the dryer is definitely recommended.
TENAX: investing on the roller padding
  • TENAX lasts for the entire life of the ironer
  • Eliminates concerns about roller shrinking , wrinkles, insufficient drying and service cost
  • Increases production capacity
And more,,, [see full TENAX info in brochure page3]


  • Interchangeable Voltage
  • Fast and Easy Reconditioning
  • Aluminium Feeding Table
  • Double Temperature Sensors
  • Practical Foot Pedal
  • Painted Feeding Basin
  • User Friendly Control Panel

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