Washer by Electrolux Professional

Electrolux myPRO Washer WE170P/V


Especially designed for small businesses. The machine without a Professional heart and a Green soul on a sensible budget boasting benefits from the professional design. The myPRO washer has a Superb capacity and performance, is up to 50% faster and easy to use.

Check out the myPRO plinth easy installation instructions below:

 Save energy & water, save money, reduce emissions

The Energy Rating Label helps to compare the energy efficiency and running costs of appliances before you buy. The star rating on the label helps you compare energy efficiency, in relation to other models. More stars means more efficient, so if you want to save energy, emissions and money in the long run; choose myPRO.

The water rating label is similar in appearance to the energy rating label and provides water efficiency information for water-using products. More stars means more efficient, so if you want to save water; choose myPRO.


  • Save time: normal 60 degrees programs take 82 minutes
  • Professional programs, from energy-efficient and mild to disinfection and mop programs
  • 8kg Capacity
  • Best wash results and garment care due to unique professional drum
  • The Smart Professional Washer with A+++ which will save money and energy
  • No chemical corrosion: stainless steel front and top

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