Dryers by Huebsch

Huebsch Dryer HA050NRM


Huebsch dryers are designed for the highest quality and performance. Huebsch dryers are fast adhering to the highest construction standards, also available as stacked dryers to save on much needed space.

The HAT50NRM and HAT75NRM tumble dryers are 25kg and 35kg industrial dryers from Huebsch.

Customers have selected Huebsch products for their ease of use, supreme durability and because 
owning a Huebsch product brings a service and support network that’s unmatched within the industry.
For profitability, reliability and ease of use, Huebsch is the answer.


  • 25kg or 35kg capacity
  • Large door opening
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes tangle tamer
  • Low maintenance and damage resistant

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