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Based in the UK, with 95% of all components produced in-house, Brightwell Dispensers have always been proud to be a successful family business driven by values. Brightwell Dispensers primary focus is on providing world leading chemical dispensing products of the highest quality, environmentally sustainable manufacturing practices and providing a global network of support. Download our Brightwell Dispensing product brochure here.

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Since 2006, Richard Jay has partnered with manufacturers such as Brightwell in the UK to supply our clients with advanced dispensing solutions.

Our chemical distribution clients and their end customers (hospitals, schools, hotels and commercial cleaning customers, for example) benefit from Brightwell’s low-maintenance designs, durability and simple functionality.

The solutions of Brightwell include:

Brightwell Dispensers Laundry range
The collection of laundry dosing systems has been created for hard-working commercial environments and offer the most reliable, easy-to-use and resilient models on the market today. In addition to the units, Brightwell Dispensers also supply accessories to assist the installation of their laundry dosing units. Go to our Brightwell Dispensing Laundry range.

Download the Brightwell catalogue - Laundry range here

Brightwell Dispensers Dishwash range
Brightwell has released ‘Quantura’, a brand new dual-peristaltic dishwash pump aimed at the global market. This compact and intuitive 2 product system comes packed with premium features at a price-point to suit all budgets. Go to our Brightwell Dispensing Dishwash range.
View the Quantura product range video overview here.

Download the Brightwell catalogue - Dishwash range here

Brightwell Dispensers Washroom Hygiene range
The washroom dispensers suit every hygiene point in environments such as schools, offices, commercial kitchens, hospitals, light industrial workplaces, motorway services and there is even a collection for more luxury environments, such as executive offices, hotels, bars and restaurants. Go to our Brightwell Dispensing Washroom Hgiene range.

Download the Brightwell catalogue - Washroom range here

Brightwell Dispensers Housekeeping & Maintenance range
Eco-friendly chemical diluting and dosing systems that cover most environments in the industry. For example, take a look at the Chemical dosing ECOSHOT brochure.With the Brightwell core values in mind, Brightwell Dispensers has extended their ECO dispensing product range to include ECOmulti dilution systems, an accurate, robust and easy to use venturi for use with 2-5 chemicals which allows you to create an ideal mixing station in any environment. Go to our Brightwell Dispensing Housekeeping & Maintenance range

Download the Brightwell catalogue - Maintenance range here

Setting the bar for durable, quality products, Richard Jay endeavor to provide you with solutions that meet the specific requirements of the professional hygiene industry.

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Latest news on Brightwell

Brightwell Dispensers are a leading global designer and manufacturer of innovative soap, paper and chemical dispensers plus dosing systems, since 1947.

In 2006 Richard Jays become the Australian importer and distributor for the Brightwell range. During a visit to the Richard Jay offices this week, John Cornish, Brightwell Business Development Manager UK (who has been working for Brightwell for 30 years) said “We will always think forward. We just launched the new dishwash dosing systems Quantura and extended the ECO dispensing range which has received a lot of positive feedback from customers across the globe.”

Including Australia, Brightwell Dispensers export to 85 countries worldwide from their UK manufacturing facility. In 2012 due to their commitment to excellence, Brightwell Dispensing was accredited ISO14001 certification which added to their existing ISO9001 certification.

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Photo: John Cornish (Brightwell Business Development Manager UK) visited the Richard Jay offices in Australia.
From left to right: John Cornish (Brightwell Business Development Manager UK), Libby Baldwin (Marketing Manager Richard Jay), Linda Fijma (Marketing Coordinator Richard Jay) and Craig Oldroyd (National Sales Development & Training Manager Richard Jay).

Key points to consider when buying a dishwash dosing system
Thanks to innovations and advancements in technology, there is a constant supply of chemical dosing systems on the market. When companies decide on a supplier, cost considerations generally form the basis for the decision-making processes but there are additional factors that should be taken in consideration. Brightwell Dispensers thinks that the following points are important to consider when choosing a dishwash dosing system... Read the whole item here.
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Take a look at this video to learn more about the Brightwell Dispensing company:


BrightLogic Lo-Flow System

Brightwell BrightLogic Lo-Flow System

The BrightLogic on-premise laundry dosing systems can dose from 1 to 10 chemicals with a flow rate of up to 285ml per minute. The space saving patented double pump head is easy to install and maintain thanks to the quick-tube-change configuration. Suitable for both intelligent and non-intelligent washing machines up to 35kg, they can be used in relay mode or with a formula select programmer.

BrightLogic Hi-Flow System

Brightwell BrightLogic Hi-Flow System

The BrightLogic high-flow laundry dosing systems for industrial laundries can dose from 1 to 10 chemicals with a flow rate of up to 870ml per minute. The high-flow pumps can be mixed with on-premise laundry dosing pumps to suit various dosing needs. They are compatible with both intelligent and non-intelligent machines up to 100kgs and can be used in relay mode or with a formula select programmer.

BrightLogic Membrane Pump

Brightwell BrightLogic Membrane Pump

The new BrightLogic membrane pump is a laundry dosing system which has been designed to deliver excellent flowrate consistency, even with highly viscous products. Sharing all of the tried and tested components of the established BrightLogic peristaltic pump range, the membrane pump allows for an easy upgrade, with the opportunity to mix and match up to 10 pumps for a truly versatile chemical dosing system.


Brightwell Quantura 200 System

Brightwell Quantura 200 System

Quantura 200 is a new innovative dishwash dosing range that can be used for a wide variety of commercial dishwashers including glass, under-the-counter, single-tank and tunnel/conveyor dishwashers. It can dose two products into a wide range of commercial dishwashers. Quantura 200 also uses Special Pulsing Technology to achieve super low flow rates.

Brightwell ECOmini Sink Pump

Brightwell ECOmini Sink Pump

ECOmini chemical dosing system is a push-operated pump designed to deliver detergent directly from a product container into a commercial kitchen sink. Its small shape combined with its great efficiency make the ECOminichemical dosing system the ideal partner for busy kitchens looking to cut costs and wastes.

Brightwell Quantura 10 Dishwash Pump

The Quantura 10/10+ is Brightwell Dispensers new, competitively priced, single peristaltic pump system. Intended for dosing one dishwash chemical into glass or under-the-counter dishwashers. The unit can be used for detergent, rinse-aid or sanitiser. Easy installation and configuration together with reliable tube fittings, make this system the ideal dosing solution.

Brightwell BrightLogic IP

Brightwell BrightLogic IP

The Industrial Process high flow pump can be installed to suit a variety of dosing requirements. Often used in applications such as water treatment, the BrightLogic IP features many of the elements found in in the D2 dishwasher pump, but includes the additional functionality of a higher flow rate and volt-less triggering. Available in peristaltic or membrane.

Washroom Hygiene

Brightwell Modular Range

Brightwell Modular Range

Simple, practical and neat, the Modular washroom range is made out of robust white ABS plastic. The washroom dispensers suit every hygiene point in environments such as schools, offices, commercial kitchens, hospitals, light industrial workplaces, motorway services.

Brightwell Mercury Range

Brightwell Mercury Range

Luxurious and modern, the Mercury washroom dispensers are stylish, high-end products designed to give any washroom a modern finish thanks to their stainless steel finish.


Brightwell ECOmix

ECOMIX is a unique chemical dilution system. Connected to mains water, it dilutes a pre-determined ratio of concentrates into a final ready-to-use solution. It is available in low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) versions. The dilution ratio on the ECOMIX is set with a dilution ring, the flexibility of which enables easily interchangeability without the use of any tool. The ECOMIX chemical dilution system can draw chemical from any sized container.

Brightwell ECOmulti

The WRAS approved ECOmulti is a proportioner that can dilute up to four chemicals from one dispenser. Connected to a water mains, the flexible design makes these one-stop chemical dispensing stations the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments. It is available in low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) versions.

Brightwell ECOshot

ECOSHOT is a manual chemical dosing system which can dispense various volumes of concentrates into a bottle, a bucket or a sink. The ECOSHOT chemical dosing system can be set up to deliver any measure of concentrates between 5ml and 30ml and can draw chemical from any sized container.

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