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In 2017, Xeros, developers of near waterless washing extractors, and Richard Jay, Australia’s leading supplier of commercial & industrial laundry equipment, became partners. This means that commercial laundries and hotels throughout Australia can now experience reduced utility costs and superior cleaning results with the Xeros machine with the peace of mind that Richard Jay’s service and support team will be on hand in Australia.

One of the reasons Richard Jay have chosen to bring Xeros to Australia is because of our sustainability promise. We have a responsibility to ensure we can offer the most energy efficient laundry machinery available today.

Celebrate the savings in your laundry
We know there are many businesses in Australia that are very keen to reduce water consumption and energy costs. Xeros Xorb Cleaning Technology will have you celebrating the savings you will see in your laundry.

Industries suitable for Xeros
Xeros is especially suitable for industries such as Day Spa’s, Hotels, Motels, Accommodation (100 – 180 beds) and Drycleaners. Download the Xeros product brochure.      



The polymer Xorb replace water as the primary cleaning agent, drastically reducing the amount of water required, while providing a superior clean. The Xorbs also enable the cleaning cycle to be run at lower temperatures therefore cutting energy costs. The polymer Xorbs can be used hundreds of times. After this point, they are fully recyclable. Download the brochure ‘How the Xorbs work’ or the brochure ‘The lifecycle of the Xorbs’.         

The Xeros team have designed a patented washing machine that operates just like a conventional washing machine so that the Xorbx are extracted before you remove the cleaned laundry.

Preserving the environment
Both Xeros and Richard Jay are passionate about saving the water and the environment. Find out exactly how the Xeros washing extractor can do this here.
Download the washer brochure.


Xeros Sbeadycare is a fully integrated, all-inclusive programme that provides a stress-free solution to virtually any laundry operation. With this innovative, cloud based, intelligent laundry programme, you can track water and energy usage, and relative operating performance and efficiency, giving you a clear picture of your real-time utility costs. Download the Sbeadycare brochure or get introduced with Sbeadycare through this video.

With Xeros, you can reduce up to 80 percent of water and save 50 percent on energy, compared to a traditional commercial washing machine.
Download the Xeros Drycleaners or Hospitality brochure. Check out how you can save money in this Xeros video.








Marriott saves $18,311 US* and the environment with Xeros. Read the Marriott case study here.

Hyatt saves $55,608 US* annually by installing three energy-efficient machines. Read the Hyatt case study here.

Source: Graph above Xeros Marriott case study & Xeros Hyatt case study


Hilton Doubletree Sonoma moving to in-house laundry saves $92,327 US* per year. Read the Hilton Doubletree Sonoma case study here.

Hilton LA laundry upgrade saves over $86K US* and 7.5 million litres of water. Read the Hilton LA case study here.

Source: Graph above Xeros Hilton LA case study

Richard Jay’s after-care offering for the Xeros system is unique; once the washing system is installed, they provide everything from the chemicals to the service so you can run a worry-free laundry operation.   

Offering peace of mind
Richard Jay offer first class service response and support in a single package to give you complete peace of mind. This is all for a simple monthly payment.

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Get in contact with one of our Laundry Consultants and discuss how Xeros can work for your business.